About Us

DHAB owners

We live on and work a farm in Northwest Missouri.  Our dogs live and work here with us.  They each have a job to do, from holding the cattle in the pasture when we open a gate to helping gather and sort them.  We feel that a dog is happier and healthier when they have a job to do.   Many times we have seen a chest puff out and a head held higher after a job well done. That job doesn't have to involve cattle, it can be anything, they just need something to do that keeps them active and interacting with you.  


Our dogs rotate in and out of the house so that they can be socialized and spoiled by us and the kids.  Our dogs love and play with all eight of our grandkids.  The oldest grandsons help us feed and water when they are here, but mostly they just spoil them.  

We breed first and foremost to better what we consider to be a excellent companion, protector and working dog.  Number one on our list is Temperament.  We feel this is the most important thing, without a great temperament there is no foundation to build from.  Second, for us is Health, there is no point in breeding a dog with health issues, no matter how outstanding the other qualities are.  We have had our share of heartaches over health issues and we refuse to knowingly pass problems to the next generation of pups.  For the rest, we breed for drive, breathing, muscle and agility.  We do not breed for color.  


Our goal is to produce an American Bulldog that has the temperment to be a great pet.  One that is not dog or people aggressive, healthy so that it can live a long and productive life, and with the drive to excel at what it does.  They need to breathe well so that they can run, play and work all day.  Also to be fearless in their role as a protector and the muscling and agility to protect their family and themselves.  Physically we strive to produce a well muscled, broad chested, and thick dog that does not lose it's agility with a nice head and good height.  


We do not show our dogs or weight pull our dogs.  It is simply a matter of time that we don't have.  You will see both show dogs and weight pull dogs in our dogs pedigrees.  We have a great deal of respect for the dogs and the people who do show and pull.  


A special thanks to Eddie Carpenter of House of Chaos Bulldogs.  He has been a mentor, friend and a great help to us.  We have seen the love he has for the breed and his dogs.  We have a huge amount of respect for him and his program.  



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