Our Girls

These girls have been selected because of the different traits that they will contribute to our program.  All have great temperament, drive, and breathing. Each have their own strengths as far as size, muscling, and structure.  Through selective breedings we intend to produce a bulldog that will be an excellent companion, working dog and protector. 


Luna is a Rocky and Panda daughter.  She has her mom's temperament, wrapped in a thicker, heavier boned body with a head that a lot of males would be proud of.  Structure on her is spot on. 

Luna is a  true 100 plus pound female.


Mississippi is a Rocky and House of Chaos's Blue daughter.  We couldn't be happier with this girl.  Excellent temperament, very loving.  What stands out about her is her desire to please and her drive.  Combine those two and you've got one easy to train sweetheart.  She's 108 pounds and stands 25 inches tall.