Our Boys

These boys have been selected because of the different traits that they will contribute to our program.  All have great temperment, drive, and breathing. Each have their own strengths as far as size, muscling, and structure.  Through selective breedings we intend to produce a bulldog that will be an excellent companion, working dog and protector. 


American Bulldog

Forge is out of Rocky and River.  He carries forward the great qualities of Rocky and Meatball.  He's built like a tank.   

American Bulldog

Grave Digger

DHAB's Peterbilt aka Grave Digger is a Rocky and Panda son.  He is correct from his temperament to his structure.  He's a joy to work with and has a strong desire to please.  Grave Digger is a proven producer and passes on his great qualities.  He is a loving and loyal goofball who is great with kids and his family.  When it's time to work he's all business.  

Full Metal Jacket  aka




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